what is the legal response team?

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ministers at law

The Legal Response Team, or LRT for short, is an important vehicle by which Yara Ministries carries out its objective to proclaim the thurah (law, Word) of Yahwah to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

First, in our explanation of what the LRT is and how it works, let's take a preliminary look at what the words "Legal Response Team" represent.....


That which is lawful. A code (of actions) which governs peaceful, just and loving behavior. In the purest sense, that which restrains a person from committing acts which result in bondage and/or death. In other words......Instructions for life.


How we respond to the "legal" code which brings forth life and good.


A grouping of two or more people in unity, in one accord. Complimenting one another to walk in the righteous image of our Heavenly Father in which we were created. Men and women in one righteous (blameless) accord, being an example to our children and others of true unity......unity in the legal Word (thurah) of Yahwah.

"I am Yahwah Almighty; walk before me and be blameless. And I will make my covenant between Me and you and will multiply you exceedingly......And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be Almighty to you and your descendants after you." (Genesis 17:1-2,7) "They shall be My people, and I will be their Almighty; then I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear me forever, for the good of them and their children after them." (Jeremiah 32:38-39)

With the above understanding in mind, we will explain more about the LRT and how it functions as a ministry tool for the edification and empowerment of the brethren.

Mankind, starting with the first man and woman, lost its beautiful, healthy, peaceful and blessed oneness (unity) with its Creator due to one simple reason......disobedience/lawlessness/unrighteousness. Due to listening to the voice of "reason", versus simply obeying the instruction (Word) of their Father (Yahwah). The knowledge of evil (the twisting of truth or justified reasoning in opposition to truthful obedience) is what caused decay and death to enter into our relationship with our Father, ourselves, our fellow man and our surroundings. 

The only way to be renewed to true unity with our Father and therefore life and good, versus death and bad, is to return to oneness with the Word of instruction of our Father Yahwah, as evidenced through obedience to that Word. It is by loving grace that we are able to be restored/renewed to that homeostasis that mankind once enjoyed with their Father, with themselves, with their fellow man and with their surroundings.

Mankind was created as living beings in the image or likeness of our Father as both spirit and body, and our oneness or submission to that image in which we are created has also to be both spiritual (of the "heart") and physical (of the body) for it to perpetuate life, to perpetuate truth, to perpetuate love, to perpetuate oneness/unity......for anything less brings forth death, twistedness (deception), hatred, and division/separation. Therefore the thurah (law, Word) of our Father is both fully letter and spirit, and is not letter versus (or apart from) spirit.

With this understanding of true life and restoration being obtained by our doing  the will of our Father in the Heavens, the purpose of the Legal Response Team (LRT) is two fold:

Firstly, to proclaim the absolute ability and need to do the will of our Creator as evidenced by the righteous doing of the whole of His thurah (law, Word) and secondly, to help our brethren in the maturing in that need by teaching them and encouraging one another in the practical application (doing) of our Father's thurah in our daily lives......How to lawfully (righteously) respond  to the word of our Father.

​Righteous obedience to the thurah of our loving Father is not a lofty goal (Deut. 30:11-14) that is difficult, mysterious or outside of our reach......it is truly near us, and in our heart that we may do it......if we choose to do so.

Our brethren are perishing due to lack of knowledge (intimacy) of His will (the thurah) for lives......and it is our responsibility and passion at Yara Ministries as loving sons and daughters of the Most High and brethren of His children, to help those who are dying in lawlessness. How many of us would not rescue a wounded animal or person that unknowingly fell into a trap......why not much more our brethren who have fallen into the destructive trap of lawlessness and "grace apart from the law (thurah)".

In light of the above, the model of the LRT is as follows......

The LRT's goal first and foremost is to empower individuals and families to live a life of complete obedience to the letter of the thurah (Word) of Yahwah, thus enabling them to personally mature in the spirit of the thurah. This is carried out in the following ways:

1. The Individuals that make up the LRT are those brethren who have personally made a commitment of obedience to the Father as evidenced by them walking according to the literal Word of His thurah. We must not just be hearers (and speakers) of this perfect thurah of liberty,  but doers thereof, lest we are deceiving ourselves and others.

​2. The LRT makes itself available to serve at the leading of our Father Yahwah, where brethren invite the LRT to come into their home (or homes/community) in peace so that the LRT can help minister to them concerning works of obedience in a real and practical manner.

3. The LRT makes itself available to serve our brethren by going into jails and prisons, introducing the Hebrew Faith to men and women who are desirous to grow spiritually and live a truly liberating life both inside and outside of the institutional walls.....ministering to them concerning works of obedience in a real and practical manner.

4. The LRT makes itself available to serve our brethren by providing classes in the practical application of our Heavenly Father's instructions for life (thurah) at our "HalleluYah Haven" Hebrew Faith Agrarian Communities and Hebrew Faith House of Study & Fellowship locations.  For more information about our HalleluYah Haven Hebrew Faith Agrarian Communities click here.    For more information about our HalleluYah Haven Hebrew Faith House of Study & Fellowship locations​ click here.

5. The LRT functions in numbers 2, 3 and 4 above by utilizing as a base, a program where the team helps the brethren by teaching them the practical application of the commandments, statutes and judgements of the thurah (instructions for life) of Yahwah. This is done by dividing the thurah into different practical "disciplines" such as holistic health and organic nutrition, purity/cleanliness, clothing, finances, parenting, marriage, praise & worship, agrarian living ("self-sustainability"), work, accountability and social interaction. When ministering in the home and community (non-jail/prison setting) the team works most with the fathers and mothers of the family unit as well as the children as the parents see fit. It is the desire of the LRT to help the parents or the single adult to empower themselves, and they in turn those who are in their area of influence. This foundational program generally involves a few hours each day after work hours as well as being the focus for sabbath study and discussion on the sabbaths during the instructional period, so as to not interrupt the work schedule of the brethren being ministered to. Of course, the LRT is at the disposal of the persons they are serving during this time, and therefore are available for more hours daily if so desired. The reason for the daily instructional program is for an orderly, disciplined and focused approach, which will allow all involved to get the most out of the program in the most time efficient way, and also allow us to empower as many families and individuals as possible. 

6. The LRT is based upon a program of men ministering to men, and women to women, and couples to couples.......as each from personal experience can understand the personal dynamics that each of these roles and identities represent. 

7. Yara Ministries does not charge for our materials or time. We are here to serve our brethren, and do no work outside of this service. We seek to live pure and simple lives, while striving to be proper stewards with the finances and provisions entrusted to us by our Father and our fellow man. We do accept donations, and all donations go to help us in our mission to be a blessing to the children of our Father. What is entrusted to us by the brethren is treated by us as a provision from our Father to do His will, and we respect it and utilize it accordingly.

Donations can be made in person to the team members, sent to the office address on the website, sent via Paypal to finance@yaraministries.org or via credit card. Further information concerning donations can can be found by clicking here.

8. The LRT program is ministered in a spirit of peace, humility and love by all parties, while all understanding that this is a program where accountability to the "letter" of the thurah of Yahwah is learned and encouraged. The commandments, statutes and judgements themselves  are not at all difficult or hard to do......it is a matter of choice. And that choice will conflict with the norm of the religious and secular world around us. It is not something to fear, but to be aware of and embrace as we mature in the ability to truly be a light of truth to those who are perishing due to lawlessness.

In summary, we at Yara Ministries are "ministers at law (thurah)" who are here to serve our brethren in a spirit of truth, compassion, zealousness and love.......love for our Father Yahwah and for our fellow man. May we be true doers and teachers of the thurah as admonished by Yahushay (Yeshua) in Matthew 5:19, as it is serious to us that none of our brethren suffer needlessly today, nor one day hear the words spoken in Matthew 7:23........

With love,

Yara Ministries