What is yara?

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the focus of yara ministries.....

In its simplest or purest meaning, "yara" is the essence of life. The way we are meant to flow.

I will explain.....

Yara is a Hebrew word and Hebrew is a "pictorial" language in which the meaning or essence of a word is tied to a visual word picture. Each Hebrew word has a single or unique "pictorial" meaning, and based upon contextual usage the meaning can reflect different aspects of that word picture.....Just as our spirit (as human beings) is brought to life, or embodied (manifested) by our physical being. Hence, in the Hebrew language the essence of a word is "one" with a physical picture (word picture) that "fleshes out" its meaning.

Additionally, in the Hebrew language each word is either a root word, or is a word which is derived from a root word. Why is this important?  Just as a tree derives its nourishment and life from its root, so does a Hebrew word find its fullness of meaning in its root word. Now, with this understanding we will return to the word "yara". 

The word yara is a root word and it means "to flow as  water". 

​Let's examine the word picture (image) of flowing water for a moment. Where does flowing  water flow from? It flows from a source, such as a watershed, a spring, a lake, a sea, etc. If the source dries up of course the flow  ceases. Additionally, wherever water flows it brings or awakens life. Even in a desert, where there is an absence of life, life springs forth as an oasis when water flows to it. But, if the flow stops what happens? The water is not refreshed, it evaporates and it dries up......and death, or better yet the absence of life, once again manifests itself. 

In summary, "yara" is that which flows as water from a source, bringing life wherever it flows.....

But there is more.

​Also, yara is the root of the Hebrew word "thurah" (or "torah" in modern Hebrew). In the Hebrew scriptural text ("Tanak" or "Old Testament"), the word thorah is translated "law".....and refers to the law, or instructions delivered to Mashah (Moshe, Moses) and Yasharal (Yisrael, Israel) by our Creator Yahwah (YHWH, "the LORD") in the wilderness of Sinai. In the Christian scriptural text (the "New Testament"), the word "thurah" is translated as the word "law", from the Greek word "nomos" (referring to the "law of Moses").

The Hebrew word thurah however, literally means "instruction", as in a physical act to be accomplished. But remember, the root of the word thurah (instruction) is the word yara (to flow as water). Hence, thurah is essentially.....



.....Is to proclaim by teaching, edification, accountability and example the instructions for life that flow from the mouth of Yahwah to those who love Him and hunger and thirst for righteousness. To those who choose to leave a life of lawlessness, death and bondage to live an obedient (righteous) pure life via His instructions for life (the thurah), as we were created to do so in the image of our Heavenly Father.

Proclaiming the unity of the letter and the spirit of His thurah by working with the brethren to love our Heavenly Father, themselves and one another in a practical way, by helping them to know  the vitality and beauty of living a life of righteousness according to the letter and spirit of His life-giving thorah!!!

"See, I have set before you today life and good, death and bad, in that  I command you today to love Yahwah your Almighty, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgements, that you may live and multiply......" (Dabarim/Deut. 30:15-16)

Yara Ministries in not a religious sect that teaches Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Esoterical or other doctrinal traditions of men. We are a Hebrew Faith ministry focused on loving obedience to the unadulterated and pure instructions for life (the thurah) of our Father Yahwah, as evidenced by a heart and body that is circumcised to His word......To truly loving Him, ourselves and our fellow man as we were created in His image to do so.

​In light of the above focus of Yara Ministries, a vital outreach by which we seek to serve our brethren is via what we call the "Legal Response Team" (or "LRT"). To learn more about this ministry program please click on the link below.